Posted By: Rob-Kassy
Posted On: 30 Jun, 2022

Beginner to Advanced- Finding an Inclusive BJJ Gym

Start Where You Are

Every journey begins with that first little step. Such is also true with your journey through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs in Newport News VA. Before you begin BJJ training, think about your goals. Are you interested in competition and belt rank? Are you interested in a tried and true self-defense system? Are you looking for an activity for your children? Are you looking for an opportunity to stay fit? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers a range of training options suitable for all age and skill levels.

Find A Gym That Suits Your Needs- Find Your Comfort Level

Martial arts is by definition an aggressive pursuit. You will find that some schools or gyms are focused more on the competitive MMA area of the sport, and their fighters train accordingly- to be competitive fighters in an arena where victory is determined by a knockout or a submission. Those fighters will tend to train more aggressively, and while sparring with a more advanced fighter who is primed for competition will often push a student to improve. But such experiences, if unmonitored, or repeated too often, may leave a beginner demoralized, and may be likely to be the end of their martial arts practice. 

If you are an experienced practitioner, you will need to spar with others at or above your skill level if you intend to advance your training or belt level. Finding a gym with advanced practitioners that is focused on competition is going to be more well-suited for you than a more casual school. 

Tap Early- Tap Often

With any new endeavor, there is a definite learning curve involved. Luckily with BJJ, there is a fairly direct feedback loop in place that will let you know how you are performing at any given moment, and with some analysis, let you know how you are progressing in the sport in a larger sense. The best way for a beginner to incorporate and internalize the physical and mental skills of BJJ is through regular sparring sessions. These should be controlled and focused on drilling and developing techniques. Tapping when in a hold, lock, or submission will give you the opportunity to understand the mechanics of the technique before experiencing an injury. 

BJJ Teaches Physical Skills and Important Values for Kids

When choosing leisure activities for your children, it’s important to select an activity that enhances both physical and spiritual growth and development. BJJ training not only builds physical strength and stamina, but it also enhances spiritual growth by exposing them to people from varied cultures and backgrounds, often from cultures different from their own, and having them work together to accomplish their goals. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for kids exposes them to challenges that they may not otherwise encounter, and does so in a supportive environment. Team building often leads to lifelong friendships. Striving to master challenging techniques teaches versatility, confidence, and creativity.  

Martial Arts Can Slow Aging in Adults

As we age, our bodies lose muscle tone, and we often lose some mental acuity as well. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training for adults is an ideal method of staying fit and alert. BJJ is an activity that you can adapt to fit your comfort level. Competent, professional trainers can assess your capabilities, and customize a training regimen to suit your needs and abilities. You may find yourself becoming stronger, more alert, flexible, and with more stamina. Feel free to speak to the training staff at Breakaway Jiu Jitsu in Newport News for recommendations about a training program. Begin your journey with Breakaway Jiu Jitsu in Newport News by calling (757)-798-3380