Posted By: Rob-Kassy
Posted On: 09 Oct, 2019

Jiu Jitsu for Women in Hampton Roads

Breakaway Jiu Jitsu in Hampton Roads offers training for women who are interested in learning self-defense or looking to increase their level of exercise.

Women, please don’t be intimidated!

The first time you walk into the studio at Breakaway Jiu Jitsu, you may see more men than women on the mats.  Don’t let that make you think, “What am I doing here?”

You are here because you are seeking something worthwhile – either physical activity, social connection, or to learn how to protect yourself.  There will be other women to support you, even in this predominantly male sport.  Those support women will likely become some of the most important people in your life because the women of BJJ support each other and rejoice in each other’s accomplishments.  It is a social circle like no other.

BJJ is the perfect sport for women.  Jiu Jitsu for women provides the ability to appreciate their bodies more.  Instead of looking for what you think is wrong with your body, progressing through BJJ is an opportunity to show yourself what your body can do.

No one can deny the science that women are smaller than men, but smaller opponents learn to use leverage techniques to bring a larger opponent down to a level where size doesn’t have the advantage anymore.

An attack from a larger male would most likely paralyze any woman who has no idea what to do, but BJJ is more than just the physical act of subduing the opponent.  It is a mental exercise in strategy, as well, meaning that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for women is a combination of a lot of things – mental acuity, physical toning, and social activity – not just a class where you sign up to come sweat for an hour and dread even going.

Call Breakaway Jiu Jitsu today to sign up for a free class.  Ask around for other opinions on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for women in Hampton Roads.  Let other women tell you about their experiences.