Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training for Adults in Hampton Roads, VA

Are you interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training for adults in Hampton Roads, Newport News, VA? Breakaway Jiu Jitsu studio in Newport News, VA has the perfect instructor for you!

Rob Murianka has a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and is one of the instructors at Breakaway Jiu Jitsu.  After obtaining his black belt in 2017, he went on to win the expert no-gi division of the Naga Jiu Jitsu tournament in 2018, won the 2019 Bushido Challenge, and 2nd place in the 2019 DC Open.

At Breakaway, the everyday struggles of balancing a busy family and business life are taken seriously.  Rob and his wife Kassy spend a great amount of time at the studio but also know the importance of making time for their two children and other hobbies.


The class schedules are designed to allow students to fit the art of BJJ into their busy life as well. Is BJJ training all about becoming stronger? Sure, BJJ is a great workout.  Part of mastering BJJ is developing physical strength while learning the moves that work best for individual body size and capabilities.


No matter what your body type or physical abilities are, BJJ guides and directs each student to learn and perfect their own style.  While weight loss may not be the main motivation for learning BJJ, you may notice that you will be a little more flexible or your clothes fit a little better. However, BJJ isn’t all about physicality.


It takes strategy as well as technique to defeat an opponent.  Human chess is a fitting description for BJJ.  The required mental skills will not only increase your performance on the mat or in a real-life threatening situation but will increase your ability to deal with daily obstacles.


The ups and downs of learning BJJ, the wins and losses of sparring, and the honing of your techniques, all help in managing day-to-day stressors of normal life.  The concentration required can clear your mind. What if I just need to protect myself? If you want to train for self-defense, BJJ is called a gentle art which teaches grappling.  Instead of striking out, grappling is done on the ground with holds and pins.  Most street fights end up on the ground where grappling experience will give you an advantage over a larger and stronger opponent.  Men and women, large and small, young and old, can develop the ability to protect themselves with BJJ.


Frequent sparring sessions will sharpen the skills you need to put yourself in a more dominant position during a confrontation. What if I don’t fit in? Training with others that have the same goals as you will forge friendships that can last a lifetime.  Often, training together in martial arts will introduce you to a second family like no other you’ve ever known.


Are you just watching your kids during BJJ training? You could be spending quality time together instead.  BJJ can create a common interest and strengthen family bonds as well as promote health and exercise for everyone. Take advantage of our free class and see what you have been missing!


This class is for those just beginning their jiu jitsu journey. We teach the foundational movements in jiu jitsu – the hip escape, front roll, breakfall, etc. as well as the most basic concepts and techniques. Because this class is designed for beginners, we focus a larger portion of the class on technique, ensuring that our students can execute the movements properly and safely.


Our Fundamentals Class is our core class offering. We believe firmly in the power of strong fundamentals, both for those just starting out and for those who have been training for years. In this class, we teach those techniques with the highest percentage of success, and delve into the details that allow you to execute them even better.


For those who have a solid foundation, we offer a more challenging advanced class, where we teach higher level techniques and complex sequences, allowing you to take your game to the next level. We also integrate more positional sparring and live rolling, enabling you to put your knowledge to practice.