Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids in Hampton Roads, Newport News, VA

Breakaway Jiu Jitsu in Newport News, VA has Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes for kids. Why should your child learn BJJ?

Body awareness: BJJ develops motor skills, balance, coordination, and neuromuscular connections.

Socialization: Meeting new friends and sharing common experiences is a great way to learn how to communicate with kids of all ages as well as adults and authority figures.

Confidence: As kids learn how to use BJJ techniques to overcome their opponents, they will be more confident in their ability to defend themselves and feel more secure.


Fitness: What would be better than losing weight and having more energy and stamina? Having fun while doing it. Students don’t need to be athletes to begin classes. Everyone learns and advances at their own pace.


Goal Setting and Completion: Improvement, completion, and earning that next belt motivates and encourages everyone to work a little bit harder.


Self-Defense: BJJ is a real means of self-defense. In the United States, 25% to 33% of students say they have been bullied. Verbal and social bullying is the most common, yet some can lead to physical altercations. Although bystanders help in such situations, there isn’t always someone close by that can help. Martial arts have been shown to help children who deal with depression or the management of aggression. Initially, this sounds counter-productive, but the motor skills and control needed to perform Jiu Jitsu help children cope with these delicate emotions. BJJ is an effective outlet for children to channel aggression and excess energy. Kids need to learn how to win and lose gracefully daily. Motor skills are not the only benefit of Jiu Jitsu. BJJ will give children a better way to face fears and life challenges by focusing on developing behavioral aspects, such as discipline, respect, self-control, and confidence. Breakaway Jiu Jitsu schedule of classes includes children as young as 8 years old. A great way to find out if Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a good fit for your child is to let them try a free class at Breakaway Jiu Jitsu in Newport News, VA. Call us at 757-798-3380 or email us 24/7 utilizing our contact page.

Studio Message

  • Be Kind
  • Be Humble
  • Be Ready

Curriculum Includes

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Self Defense
  • Wrestling
  • Judo

Belt Progression System

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