We Offer a Variety of Self Defense Classes
in Hampton Roads

Serving the Hampton Roads, VA, area, Breakaway Jiu Jitsu’s self-defense classes will advance your personal goals, no matter your age or skill level.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a type of traditional martial arts that we teach in our studio.


Personal reasons for learning BJJ can vary: self-defense, personal fitness, or as a competitive sport.


With the rise in kid bullying in our society today, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great program for children.  These techniques will allow your child to defend himself/herself in a manner that does not involve weapons or striking another person.


The Gracie family in Brazil contributed immensely to the development of BJJ. Helio Gracie was a man of smaller stature, so he took various Judo moves and refined them to be able to overtake a larger opponent.  He and his family used Kodokan Judo ground fighting fundamentals to develop BJJ.


The point of Jiu Jitsu is to manipulate your opponent and redirect their attack or to avoid it completely.  Shifting positions of both of your bodies and getting out of their grasp is the structure taught here.  Learning Jiu Jitsu begins by learning balance and movement instead of striking.


BJJ and Japanese Jiu Jitsu descend from Judo.  All 3 of these arts are similar, in that they contain leg locks, arm locks, holds, and pins, but the training methods and how they are applied are quite different.  Instead of using low-resistance and medium-resistance drills, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses ground fighting. This is what makes it extremely effective in over-powering a larger opponent and for self-defense.


Students master Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by discovering new techniques that are more in tune with their own personal abilities.  Smaller-framed people can use technique and leverage when learning BJJ as self-defense, making your size and gender unimportant.  Anyone can learn BJJ and refine moves that work better for you than it does for someone else.


Breakaway Jiu Jitsu training involves learning the fundamentals and then focuses on sparring (or “rolling”) and live drills.  You’ll see more full-speed sparring on the mats because this gives the students a chance to try new techniques and moves that work better for them.  The sparring allows for more experience with high-stress situations and the ability to perform better under pressure.


While these self-defense techniques are very effective in a real fight, if you want to focus more on sport Jiu Jitsu, Breakaway Jiu Jitsu is the place for you. Our instructors have years of experience in winning metals throughout the Hampton Roads area.  Just let us know what your interests are.


We offer self-defense classes for kids and adults, see our schedule for details.


Our studio is convenient to the Hampton Roads VA area. Give us a call at 757-798-3380 or utilize our contact page to email us 24/7.